What I Presented

Thanks to the invitation of Matt Vandermolen, Blair Roebuck, and Dennis Augustine, who are great Sitecore MVPs, I had a fantastic opportunity to give a presentation at the Toronto Sitecore User Group Meetup. This gave me the chance to show some exciting features of Sitecore Content Hub and the possible use cases of them.

These features include:

  1. Advanced search capabilities
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) asset tagging and description
  3. Rights profile for DRM
  4. User access level control using taxonomy
  5. Taxonomy architecture of Sitecore Content Hub

I have to acknowledge that this presentation wouldn’t have been the same without the great audience I had. They asked relevant and impactful questions, which made my presentation more informative.

Zoom Video Recording

I had live streaming going for this demo and accepted some questions from the audience. We had this streaming recorded.

Although it has poor audio quality, you can check out the video here: